About Us

Eastside Machine Company

Eastside Machine Company has been manufacturing roll-forming machines since 1960. Our first roll-forming machine was a K-style Ogee gutter machine that is still running and producing gutters today. The gutter machines currently produced are essentially the same as when they were originally produced with the minimum of engineering updates over the years. This constant design ensures that the purchaser gets a completely field-tested gutter machine that is dependable under all conditions.

After Eastside Machine Co. revolutionized the gutter machine industry with portable seamless gutter machines, it was time to tackle the siding industry. Eastside Machine Co. was the first to provide embossed seamless siding from smooth steel coil stock at the jobsite. The first portable continuous siding machines rolled off the Eastside Machine Co. assembly line in 1971. Although the basic engineering concept remains the same today, we continue to incorporate changes and make enhancements for optimal performance, durability, and productivity. The current EM 6/8/10 Combo Seamless Siding Machine sets the standard throughout the United States as a true profit partner.

Eastside Machine Co., not only builds the toughest roll-formers on the market today, we also have a related company that sells both steel and aluminum siding, gutter and roofing coil, and accessories. We are very much a seamless roll-forming company.


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