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Rental Program

Are you thinking about getting into the seamless siding business? Are you in the seamless business but not sure if you are ready to add another jobsite machine? These are both great reasons to take advantage of our rental program! We rent out our EM 6/8/10 Combo Seamless Siding Machines and EM 8 Log Seamless Siding Machines, as well as machine attachments like the inverted board & batten. When you rent from Eastside Machine Company, it’s easy to adapt to the needs of an upcoming project. Whether you need to expand your fleet for a larger-than-usual project, produce two different profiles to maximize efficiency, or run a special profile or attachment, we can help. To learn more about our seamless siding machine rental program, contact us at (800) 234-7834 or customer.service@eastsidemachine.com.

Dealer Program

Whether you are already in the seamless siding business or just starting out, have you ever considered partnering? Our United States Seamless® siding dealer program might be the right fit for your business.

United States Seamless is a leading home improvement dealer program specializing in seamless steel siding, accessories, and seamless gutter products for new construction and existing homes, as well as apartment and commercial buildings. Ideal partners are self-motivated and goal-oriented members of the home improvement or construction industry. Grow your business by partnering with a proven affiliate dealer program centered on best practices, great products, and a trusted brand name!

United States Seamless has found great success and steady growth throughout the country since they began franchising in 1992. Today, United States Seamless is homeowners’ first choice for American-made seamless steel siding and accessories.

If you are interested in learning more about this fantastic opportunity, contact United States Seamless: www.usseamless.com

For more information, contact us at (800) 234-7834 or customer.service@eastsidemachine.com.


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An Eastside Machine (portable seamless siding machine) was used to install seamless steel siding on a building in Fargo, North Dakota that is in the Guinness Book of World Records, measuring 236 ft 9 in.

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