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Specialty Roll Forming Machines

At Eastside Machine Company, we have been in the roll-forming business since 1960, building some of the most innovative and robust machines on the market. We take an enormous amount of pride in being able to provide our customers with machines tailored to their individual needs and specifications. Whether you are looking for a custom profile using a jobsite machine or in-plant soffit, fascia, j-channel, or custom profile roll-former, we can help you out. Simply submit a request to our sales and engineering department via email at or call us at 1-800-234-7834.

  • Roofpan Portable Roofing Machine
  • Snap Lock Roofing Machine
  • Soffit In-Plant Machine
  • Fascia In-Plant Machine
  • In-Plant Trim Machine
  • J Channel In-Plant Machine
  • F Channel In-Plant Machine
  • Sill Trim In-Plant Machine
  • Roof Edge In-Plant Machine
  • Starter Strip In-Plant Machine
  • Corner Base In-Plant Machine
  • Corner Cap In-Plant Machine
  • Hole Punch Machine
  • Gutter Cover Machine
  • Other Gutter Machines (Portable and In-Plant)
  • Other Siding Machines (Portable and In-Plant)
  • Other Roofing Machines (Portable and In-Plant)








  • Rugged and Reliable
  • Over 50 Years of Roll-Forming Expertise
  • Renowned Training and Support
  • Made in the USA
  • Financing Made Easy
  • Custom Machine Builds

Email or fax us your product requirements by attaching your engineering drawings or sketches of your desired roll formed parts. Our engineers will evaluate your work to determine whether or not foll forming is the best path forward for you. We can also offer helpful suggestions to maximize the efficiency of your production.


Fax: (701) 232-6666


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